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               Lowlands Summer Knock-Out Tournament Entry System


Please also refer to Tournament Rules  

Please click on the following link to use

by Sunday 10th April.


(Note, You must be a Lowlands Tennis Member (any membership category) to be eligible to participate and you must be available to play on the Finals Day, (Saturday 10th September).


Note, If you having issues using logging on, using your username & password, then you can always log on with your LTA membership Number by choosing the option to log on as another entrant - details of which can be found by searching LTA online Database -  (Minimum of three completed fields required).  Note, ignore any reference to payment required and observe the following guidelines



1.       Always fill in ALL the fields provided AND in the manner described (e.g. DOB must be in format shown - dd/mm/yyyy)


2.      If you are making a doubles entry, you and your partner must BOTH enter online and and each of you must both provide each other's BTM number and Surname (so it’s preferable to have all this information handy to copy and paste in)


3.       Any problems, please contact either  

  •  LTA - Problems with BTM Number, contact LTA (020 8487 7000) and select Tournament Entry Dept or email British Tennis Services Hub (


4.       Once, you have completed your entry, you will get a “congratulations – successful entry completed) AND you will get a confirmation email (sent to the address associated with your LTA membership).


5.       Finally, you can see everyone entries (and thus gauge the competition and see which partners are available) by looking at the online tournament entrance sheet and clicking on the entrant list link for the desired event


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